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Journal coverPostcolonial Studies

Over the past 17 years the journal Postcolonial Studies has come to define the field of research in postcolonial theory and analysis. Established as the first journal specifically aimed at publishing work exploring the various facets—textual, figural, spatial, historical, political and economic—of the colonial encounter, and the ways in which this encounter shaped the West and non-West alike, Postcolonial Studies remains current and innovative by extending the reach of field into decoloniality, art & aesthetics, migration studies.

Published four times a year by Taylor & Francis, Postcolonial Studies remains true to the decentred nature of its material, maintaining four semi-independant Editorial Boards in Melbourne, London, Delhi and Santa Cruz California.

Founding Editors, Sanjay Seth and Michael Dutton, along with the current Managing Editor of the journal, David L Martin, all work in the Politics Department at Goldsmiths, and form the London Editorial of Postcolonial Studies, making it closely affiliated with the Centre for Postcolonial Studies as a site of continuing collaboration between the Centre and The Insititute of Postcolonial Studies in Melbourne where the journal was born.

Recent special issues coming out of, or commissioned by, the London Editorial include:

  • 17.1 Special Issue: Imagining the Revolution
  • 16.3 Special Issue: Challenging the Discipline of Migration – Militant Research in Migration Studies
  • 16.2 Special Issue: Reading Revolutionaries – Texts, Acts, and Afterlives of Political Action in Late Colonial South Asia
  • 14.3 Special Issue: Latin America and the Politics of Knowledge
  • 14.2 Special Issue: After Europe

For information about how to submit an article or special issue proposal to Postcolonial Studies, refer to the instructions on the Taylor & Francis website, here.


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