Matadero Madrid

logo_mataderomadridPostcolonial Centre y Matadero

The Centre for Postcolonial Studies and Matadero Madrid, Madrid’s leading public artspace, signed an agreement to engage in collaboration in 2013. Thus far collaboration has taken the form of scholars and artists connected with the Centre giving talks and collaborating with the artists, curators and scholars associated with Matadero, who are currently engaged in two projects:

Magnetic Declination, a research and production group formed by theorists, curators, and visual artists who, basing themselves on postcolonial and de-colonial approaches, seek to dismantle the imagery and the discourses underpinning Spain’s mainstream historical narratives.DM_LEONES_CARTELERIA_850x1200

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Margin of Error is a critical re-assessment of past and present-day coloniality focusing on the dominant narrative construction of historical events such as the ‘Discovery’ and the Conquest of America, as they are reflected in text-books used in schools in Spain.T he basic audiovisual structure beneath the Margin of Error project emerges from the deconstruction of a traditional history class into a series of cinematic fragments depicting alternative exercises- from the staging of scenes based on colonial imagery, to debates on dominant (or repressed) concepts in history lessons dealing with colonialism, or the disruption of specific texts through memorising games or even through physical interventions on the books themselves.

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