No Feedback


In 2013 Nina Feldman and Deborah Mina worked on No Feedback with the help of The Centre for Postcolonial Studies.

No Feedback is a continuing interdisciplinary collaboration focused on how, in London today, we can engage with the process that leads to genocide, and why we should. Taking as a starting point the document, The 10 Stages of Genocide by Genocide Watch, which outlines the degrees through which all genocides progress, No Feedback developed an interactive performance which takes audience members through these stages, highlighting how everyday social processes of identifying difference can easily lead to prejudice, discrimination and persecution. The show is an engaging mix of theatricality, playfulness and participation, all developed by the 6 female performers who guide the journey.

The Story so Far

Phase 1

Completed in May 2013 with a showing of 10 minutes of performance of early ideas at The Battersea Arts Centre. This allowed us to refine our key research questions and understand audience responses to certain elements of the show.

Phase 2

Culminated in a 45 minute work-in-progress showing of No Feedback at The Rag Factory in May 2014. This allowed us to test our developed material with audiences and gage their reactions to what the piece demanded of them. We had an overwhelmingly positive response both in terms of audience participation and their interest in the content of the piece.

In addition, we have managed to cultivate the beginnings of partnerships with a number of organisations in London and further afield. These include: The International Association of Genocide Scholars, The Weiner Library, Women for Rwanda, The Anne Frank Trust.

These phases have been achieved thanks to the support of the centre for Postcolonial Studies at Goldsmiths University, who have provided research and development space in the form of short residencies.

Phase 3

After seeing the showing at the Rag Factory, Theatre Delicatessen offered us a package on their emerging artist development program including the opportunity to complete and perform a full run of No Feedback in spring 2015. This allowed us to stage a two week run in a central London venue known for immersive performance, which has opened our work up to larger, more diverse audiences. The response was overwhelmingly positive with good reviews from the press and sold out performances.

Phase 4 and Beyond

With the support of Shana Swiss from Woman’s Rights International No Feedback toured to Budapest in June 2016 to perform at the Open Society’s Internship for Rights and Governance. We performed for staff and students from all over the world and are starting to forge possibilities of taking No Feedback further afield.

At the same time we continue to perform and work in the UK, testing out new ideas to make the work useful. No Feedback will next be performed at part of the Being Human Festival at Senate House in London on the 19th November 2016. More info here:



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