2014 – The Pasts, Presents, and Futures of Postcolonialism

PPF1oPoCoROUNDTABLE EVENT: Goldsmiths 9 April 2014

As the journal Postcolonial Studies enters its 17th year of publication, two of its editors are joined by Postcolonial scholars to reflect upon what the ‘field’ set out to do, what road has been travelled, and what the future might portend. From its origins in Literary Studies, Postcolonial Theory has spread and had a wider impact in other disciplinary fields but has faced all the attendant dangers of becoming yet another discipline or a sub-field or ‘approach’ within a discipline. The editors will assess these possibilities and dangers, and the invited speakers will discuss the impact Postcolonial Theory has had upon Sociology, English/Comparative Literature, and International Relations. The Roundtable format is designed to allow those attending to join the debate.

Chair: Bart Moore Gilbert (English and Comparative Literature, Goldsmiths)


Sanjay Seth (editor of PCS, Goldsmiths)

David Martin (editor of PCS, Goldsmiths)

Gurminder Bhambra (Director of the Social Theory Centre, Warwick University)

Robbie Shilliam (International Relations, Queen Mary)

Lindsey Moore (English, Lancaster University)


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