Visiting Researchers

The Centre for Postcolonial Studies hosts Visiting Researchers, Visiting Research Fellows and Visiting Fellows spanning all aspects of postcolonial research, from archival work to curatorial practices. This represents a major source of collaboration and exchange for the Centre. Visiting researchers are encouraged to present work they undertake in collaboration with the Centre in our Seminar Series.

Applying to become a Visiting Researher

The Centre welcomes applications to become a Visiting Researcher (suitable for scholars who have external funding or are on sabbatical), and has hosted a number of such fellows in the past (see dropdown menu).Such appointments are usually for a period of at least one month and not more than one year. Applications are normally accepted on or before July 1 and Dec 1, but in exceptional circumstances will be entertained outside of the normal cycle.

Applications should be made to Professor Sanjay Seth, specifying the period of appointment sought, a brief description of the project to be worked on, and a curriculum vitae.

Successful applicants will receive a letter of appointment from the Warden of the College. An appointment comes with use of the college library, and of mail and photocopying facilities. Our fellows are expected to actively participate in the activities of the Centre and present their work to the wider Goldsmiths community. Regrettably, present constraints of space mean we are unlikely to be able to provide an office for successful applicants. For further information please email Professor Sanjay Seth.


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