Visiting Researchers Past


Dr Ina Kerner – Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin

Visiting Fellow, Oct 2014 – March 2015

Dr Kerner’s work is mostly located between (critical) political theory and gender studies. In 2012, she  published an introductory book on postcolonial theories, trying to present this field as one that is both broad and of possible importance for the social sciences; earlier, her dissertation was published in German in 2009 (its title translates into: Differences and Power: Towards an Anatomy of Racism and Sexism), on the mechanisms and the relation of racism and sexism. She is currently working at the intersection of political theory and postcolonial theory, and also has a long term interest (and previous work) in the field of post-development.

Naomi Perera – Ph.D. student at University of Santiago de Compostela, Spain

Visiting Researcher, Sept – Dec 2013

Naomi is working on her Ph.D. dissertation entitled Dressed Bodies that Matter: A Study of Dress in the Literature of the South Asian Diaspora in Britain. Funded under the Spanish Programme for University Professors Training, Spanish Ministry of Education.

Dr Mikkel Thorup – Associate Professor, Department of Culture & Society, Aarhus University

Visiting Fellow, Feb – June 2014.

I am an intellectual historian interested predominantly in the history of political thought and in writing intellectual histories of the present. At Goldsmiths I worked on three interrelated issues: firstly how ‘the street’ (demonstrations, occupations) is back in radical left thought, that is how the last 5-10 years of mass protest and street politics is reflected upon in contemporary leftist thinking; and secondly how political occupiers legitimate their use and control of occupied places, the discursive, aesthetical and perfomative strategies to claim something which one does not legally own; and thirdly the relations between debt and morality in history and at present. All three issues were also very much present in the social and political life of London and in the discussions and seminars I attended at Goldsmiths. Mikkel’s Aarhus University webpage. Mikkel’s webpage

Delores Galindo – researcher/art critic/curator

Visiting Researcher, Dec 2011 – Dec 2013

Delores is an independant researcher, art critic and curator who writes for Arte al Día Internationa and El Iberico, el periódico en español de Londres. Her work explores decolonial aesthetics.

Dr Robbie Shilliam – Reader in International Relations, Queen Mary (then lecturer, Victoria University, Wellington)

Visiting Research Fellow, Oct – Dec 2010

Robbie is co-convener of the British International Studies Association’s Colonial/Postcolonial/Decolonial working group, a member of the International Advisory Board of the Transnational Decolonial Institute, and an advisor to the Rastafari Global Council.



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